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Riddim Saunter

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the latest album

Riddim Saunter - Days Lead 日々は僕らの前を歩いている

"Days Lead 日々は僕らの前を歩いている"
(国内盤 / 国内盤 - ジャケットのみ / 国内盤 - 12' analog / iTunes)

compilation DVD

Riddim Saunter - Five On The Move

"Five On The Move"
the latest single

Riddim Saunter - Flapping In The Love

"Flapping In The Love(限定)"
(国内盤 / iTunes)

previous works

"brighten Ours From The Remixe" (国内盤 / 国内盤 - '12 analog / iTunes)
"Douse Yours From Acoustic Recollection" (国内盤 / iTunes)
"Think, Lad & Lass"(国内盤 / iTunes)
"Current"(国内盤 / iTunes)
"Acoustic Live At Apple Store - EP" (iTunes)


"Waltz of the Twins" (国内盤 '7 analog)
"Face to Facce / Color of Daytime" (国内盤)
"Latethings [Maxi]"(国内盤 / iTunes)
"Fresh / Clue In People" (国内盤 / iTunes)


"2Tone Records Tribute Album Black ~Respect To Gangsters~" (国内盤 / iTunes)
"Five On The Move" (国内盤 / iTunes)
"Tribute To Scafull King" (国内盤 / iTunes)
"Niw! Collection" (国内盤 / iTunes)
"Rock Motown" (国内盤 / iTunes)
"Niw Stocks" (国内盤)

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