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"Fire, Dance With Me"
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buttonCD review : Relax(09/12/08) : review by shawn
buttonClubbin' It By The River (08/06/28 @ in Next Floor 08 @ Hangang Park, Seoul) : review by shawn, photos by eshe
buttonGet The Party Started (08/02/29 @ Club DGBD, Seoul) : review by shawn, photos by Eshe
buttonThe (Co) Core, It's Still Rock N' Roll (08/01/19 @ Blue Spirit, Seoul) : review by shawn, photos by Eshe
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buttonphoto report (04/06/12 @ Ssamzie Space Baram, Seoul): photos by hanasan
buttonphoto report (04/04/24 @ Koenji UFO club) : photos by nachi
buttonphoto report (04/02/28 @ Ssamzie Space Baram , Seoul) : photos by hanasan
buttonphoto report (04/02/28 @ Ssamzie Space Baram , Seoul) : photos by nachi

      A decade plus into their career, Seoul quartet Cocore are one of South Korea's premier rock ‘n' roll acts. They have received recognition and industry awards for their songwriting skills and musicianship and have thrilled audiences at renowned, large scale local and international concerts such as the Ssamzie Sound Festival, the Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival, and the Fuji Rock Festival.

      Recorded over the course of a year, their fifth full-length, "Relax", sees them following a similar adventurous path as 2006's lauded double disc "Fire, Dance With Me". Like a jukebox in the coolest of watering holes, "Relax" offers an eclectic playlist with something for everyone. A mix of ukulele, rainstick, and Beach Boys-esqe harmonies, the chilled out, melodic opener "유체이탈" ("Out Of Body Experience") instantly establishes the laidback vibes hinted at by the album's title. The reggae-infused "뱃놀이 타령" ("Boating Folk Song") follows, mixing in psychedelic guitar and memorable group chanted vocals as it progresses. "황금연못" ("Golden Pond") slowly builds into a fuzzed-out ‘70s arena anthem before morphing briefly into a way-too-much-fun hillbilly hoedown. Another gradual start ushers in the infectious, rollicking rocker "사랑은 황홀경" ("Ecstatic Love") which includes a little "Young Folks"-ish whistling amidst its powerful instrumentation. The funky "Move Yo Ass" and fiery "Here Comes The Wave" both recall the heyday of American alt-rock with the latter likely to be a big hit with fans of Cocore's early post-grunge roots.

      Standout "타이페이무중력지하철특급" ("Taipei Zero Gravity Subway Express") is driven by spacey loops and ambient noises that blend wonderfully with the group's guitars, bass, and drums to create a highly memorable, trippy groove. The excellent cut paves the way for the electro-pop of "Hawaii" and the full-on rave stylings of the beat-heavy "Listen-Repeat". The eight-minute, lighter-worthy classic rock jam "주기도문" ("The Lord's Prayer") serves as a comedown after the dance party while the warm, lush country closer "귀향" ("Returning Home") brings the album back to its mellow beginnings before putting it to rest.

      A definite grower, "Relax" takes time to reveal its many sonic treasures. Showing an obvious willingness to try their hand at different sounds and structures, Cocore continue to become a more sonically diverse, and ultimately, stronger band as time passes.

reviewed by shawn

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