Her Name in Blood @ Shibuya Club Asia (Jun. 2nd, 2013)

Metal storm batters Shibuya
Live Reports @ Shibuya Club Asia 2013.06.02

Her Name in Blood

With three gigs in as many days, the hardcore Sumerian Tour touched down on June 2nd for a sold out show in Shibuya. After a brutal opening set from Crystal Lake (Japan), Shibuya’s Club Asia had taken on a humidity that reached right to the rafters. While the night ended with a torrent of deathcore from Texas’ slick and suited Upon a Burning Body, followed by Born of Osiris (US), before that another Japanese band were turning the heat up a notch.

With the atmosphere set for a storm, Her Name in Blood took the stage in a rush of blue flashing lights and orchestral music. With four of the night’s numbers off of “The Beast” EP, the band provided a brief but intense showcase of their latest rip-roaring release.

Her Name in BloodLaunching straight into “Unshaken Fire”, singer Ipeki came screaming in over the song’s nice heavy chug and immediately demanded a circle pit from the very obliging crowd. The song demonstrated straight-off HNIB’s knack for lyrical guitar riffs laid over a heavy assault of beats. Just when you were about to get comfortable, though, the band switched tempo and brought things down to a mid-song slow-grind replete with guttural roars.

“Cuts into Pieces” continued the theme with its furious opening. Guitarist Daiki leapt up and down along with the fans to his side of the stage before the whole band followed suit. Ipeki crouched over the audience and watched as another riotous circle opened up beneath him, pulling out a roar seemingly from the depths of hell to finish.

Her Name in Blood“Are you enjoying yourselves?” Ipeki asked the audience. A flurry of horns answered in the assent as drummer Umebo blasted into the next song. The first two numbers seemed comparatively retiring in their ferocity with the sheer break-neck energy of “Decandence” and the following “Gasolines”. Frequent time changes kept everyone on their toes: a slow and thunderous mid-section saw the whole band bent-over and almost braining themselves moshing for the third song of the set before the guitars brought things out to an almost euphoric end, the whole venue drowning in mirror-ball. “Gasolines” provided something different in its guitar solos, which had everyone in the place punching the air in time to a song with a more standard structure to its’ predecessors.

“We are Her Name In Blood!” Ipeki told the crowd. “Thanks for the sold out show!” He then asked the whole audience to crouch down on the floor. As the opening strains of “We Refuse” faded in the crowd leapt up into the air as one before the venue floor opened up into a rib-battering, face-bruising pit of chaos. Her Name in BloodGuitarists TJ and Daiki were on backing growls before Daiki broke off to execute some exuberant flying splits with bassist Makoto. The audience took over vocal duties for a bit, Ipeki looking on with a mixture of irritation and amusement on his face.

After such a short but sweaty 5 songs, HNB closed up with their cover of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” – barely recognizable at first, the song’s pop groove still managed to slip amusingly through under the screamo-treatment. It almost looked the band would carry on when a momentary blast of Slayer’s “Raining Blood” ripped across the room, but sadly Her Name In Blood left the stage all too soon, leaving a trail of sweat and bruises in their wake.

Her Name in Blood

— Set list —
Unshaken Fire / Cuts into Pieces / Decandence / Gasolines / We Refuse / Poker Face

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