Aupa Lumbreiras Festival Preview @ Villena, Spain (Aug. 15th-17th, 2013)

A Punk-Rock-Metal Festival Like No Other
Feature – Aupa Lumbreiras Preview @ Villena, Spain 2013.07.24

Aupa Lumbreiras

Aupa Lumbreiras, also known as the “Resistance Festival” is a long-time running music and cultural event of the Spanish national punk and rock scene. Although it has changed location over the years, it has kept its reputation for being one of the best rock festivals of the territory. This summer it will take place in Villena, Alicante, from August 15 to 17, 2013, and it promises to be the best yet.

The festival celebrates its 16th edition this year, and it features an impressive line-up of over 70 bands, mostly from different parts of Spain, but also with an international presence. American metalcore band Hatebreed and lengendary horror punk trio Misfits will close the nights of Thursday and Friday, and Basque hardcore-metal heavy weights Soziedad Alkoholika will bring this epic festival to an end on Saturday.

Aupa LumbreirasFounded in 1994, great bands from all the regions of Spain have gathered to play in this festival since its inception. Many of these bands feel so welcome there that have returned over and over again. Names like Boikot, Reicidentes, Habeas Corpus or Porretas are old acquaintances of the thousands of fans who make the pilgrimage to this summer rock festival every year.

While its initial edition was held at Puerto Lumbreras, Murcia, the festival has moved venues and cities with the pass of time. It seems, however, to have found and new home in the town of Villena, near Alicante, which hosted the festival last year and has agreed to continue doing so at least until 2015.

Aupa LumbreirasVillena seems like an ideal place to host the event. This town of 35.000 inhabitants is geographically located at the intersection of the regions of Alicante, Murcia and Castilla la Mancha. It has a rich history and cultural identity, making it also a great place for sightseeing for those visitors who are not from around there. Furthermore, it is a place that greatly values music and is the birthplace of well known Spanish rock bands such as Banda Hachis or Fukop Family.

Spain can get fairly hot in the summer months, but the organizers of Aupa Lumbreiras know that well, and besides starting every day at 4pm (when the heat is already less intense), this year they have chosen a great venue for the event. The Municipal sports centre (“Polideportivo Municipal”), with plenty of greenery and shaded areas will host the rock/punk-hungry fans during the three days of the festival. Almost as important as the surrounding green areasAupa Lumbreiras is the fact that festival-goers will be able to buy a ticket for the nearby municipal pool to relax and cool down during the hottest times of the day (the number of pool tickets is limited so make sure to not wait until the last minute to get yours).


With over 70 bands spread over 3 days and 3 stages (“Aupa Lumbreiras!!”, “Villena” and “Manerasdevivir”), this year’s edition of the festival certainly has something for everyone who loves punk, rock or metal. Among the national bands, the festival will feature legendary rock/punk bands, such as “Barricada”, “Porretas” or “Reincidentes”; metal squads such as “Hamlet” or “Ktulu” ; and great hybrids of genres, such as “Def Con Dos”, “Narco” or “Riot Propaganda” (which combines the bands of “Habeas Corpus”, and “Los Chicos del Maiz”); and let us not forget the always entertaining and funky “O’Funkillo.”
Aupa Lumbreiras 2013 also features great international acts, such as the headliners “Hatebreed” and “Misfits”, as well as “Marky Ramone’s Blitzieg.” To top it all, Soziedad Alkoholika, possiblly the greatest hardcore band to come out of the Spanish State will surely end the festival with a bang.


Aupa LumbreirasThis American metalcore band has been around for over two decades now and with 8 albums released, they will provide a powerful closing to the first day.
Their show in Aupa Lumbreiras will be the only chance to see this 5-piece Connecticut-based band in Spain this year. So if you are a metalcore fan you cannot miss this chance to see them play tunes from their latest release “The Divinity of Purpose.” For a glimpse of their power check out this video of their song “Honor Never Dies” from their most recent album.


Aupa LumbreirasThis legendary American horror punk band founded in the late 70s in Jew Jersey, is sure to make the night of Friday a darker and scarier one.
With a career that expands over four decades, with 7 studio albums, 3 live albums and several compilations, Misfits have created a name for themselves and are sure to not disappoint.
Here is a vintage video of one of a Misfits performances back in 1997 at Tokyo’s Liquidroom.

Soziedad Alkoholika

Considered by many as the best and most successful hardcore-metal band from the Spanish State, Soziedad Alkoholika (or S.A. as they are commonly known) have touched the music heavens of the national scene and also taken their talents outside of the Spanish peninsula, and as far as Japan in 2005.
Aupa LumbreirasS.A. started their career as a more hardcore-punk band, but with time they have evolved (at least in the opinion of some) into a more harcore-metal group. Their latest studio album “Cadenas de Odio” hit the stores in 2011 and featured many of the great punching lyrics and fast paced rhythms they have accustomed us to.
Here is a video of a classic song of Soziedad Alkoholika, SHAKTALE, but with a twist. This version is from their album “Sesion #2” where they re-recorded their whole first studio LP (self-titled Soziedad Alkoholika), but with the feeling of nowadays S.A.


Aupa LumbreirasBefore ending, let me add that Aupa Lumbreiras is organized in the same place and right after another great festival, Leyendas del Rock (Rock Legends). Since Leyendas del Rock takes place the weekend before Aupa Lumbreiras, it serves as a great way to heat the engines of metal fans and get to Aupa Lumbreiras in full speed.
But if metal is your thing, you will find that Leyendas del Rock is not just a preamble to Aupa Lumbreiras, but a unique experience in and of itself. This year the festival pays tribute to International heavy metal bands, such as “Accept”, “Venom”, “Creator” or “Testament”, as well as Spanish ones, such as “Baron Rojo”, “Obus”, or “Saratoga”.

So no matter what your poison is, rock, punk, hardcore of metal, Villena has you covered this August with Aupa Lumbreiras (and maybe Leyendas del Rock). So start packing your gear and start the pilgrimage to this amazing town, because the music never stops, and neither should you.


The official website of the festival is: It has plenty of information about time-tables, transportation and accommodation. Unfortunately it is all in Spanish. But fear not, here is some of the most important information summarized for you:
Dates: Thursday, August 15 to Saturday, August 17, 2013.
Location: Polideportivo Municipal de Villena, Alicante. Here is a link to the exact location:
Prices: 3-day ticket costs 35 euros (+ shipping costs) if bought in advanced, or 40 euros if bought at the gate. 1-day tickets costs 25 euros, and are sold only at the gate. The price of the pool ticket is 15 euros.
Transportation: Trips can be arranged from major destinations in Spain, and the festival’s website (here) provides information on who to contact depending were you are going from.
Accommodation: The festival has a camping site for those who like to camp, and offers suggestions of nearby towns and places who are also good options to stay (here).

by Julen Esteban-Pretel

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