Less Than Jake @ Shibuya Club Quattro (Sept. 18th, 2013)

Ska-punk legends bring Florida sunshine to Shibuya
Live report @ Shibuya Club Quattro 2013.09.18

Less Than Jake

Given that a good slice of the audience in Quattro was of a certain age demographic, is seems to safe to say that a fair few of the audience members were probably reminiscing about their adolescent years skanking about in sunbaked backyards, falling off skateboards, and underage-drinking to a summer soundtrack littered with Less Than Jake songs. To see the band still going strong in their 21st year is mightily impressive, and slightly unsettling if all those teenage antics still don’t feel that far in the past.
Less Than JakeFrom opening song “Automatic”, Less Than Jake had the audience throwing themselves merrily about, with stage diving, crowd-surfing and bouncy circle pits keeping the venue security on their toes all night. With guitarist Chris and bassist Roger sharing much of the vocal duties, the band took a crowd-pleasing meander through their extensive musical catalogue, providing tracks like “Liquor Store” from Pezcore through to the more recent Greetings and Salutations from Less Than Jake.

Whilst drummer Vinnie held down everything on drums, JR and Buddy (Sax and Trombone) had the chance to crack one-liners at the audience and run around with a video camera capturing each other, and the audience, in action.

Less Than Jake“We saved the fucking best for last!” Chris called out to the audience. The crowd certainly seemed to agree, and wholeheartedly sang the opening lines of “The New Auld Lang Syne” before the band kicked in to one of their catchiest numbers.

In addition to the non-stop musical punk-candy blasting across the room, Less Than Jake entertained with their between-song antics: demanding to try on audience members’ glasses, pulling people out the audience to knock back shots of whiskey – “No, Japanese band would invite you on stage for a shot of whiskey!” – and even instigating “the First Girl’s On-stage Beer-chugging Contest”, the latter of which ended rather wetly for Chris’s guitar and the stage.

Perhaps the highlight of the audience participation was the band dragging one of the security guys on stage to knock back a shot and then slow-dance with a girl from the audience. Despite the awkward, locked-arm square-dance that began “Conviction Notice” the pair warmed up enough to eventually shrug off their self-consciousness and boogied about with admirable abandon by the end of the song.

Less Than JakeLess Than Jake made it quite clear where the difference lies between them and some of their contemporaries who didn’t make it this far, and their younger ska-punk brothers who are still going in a music scene which has rather fallen off the radar in the last few years. Infectiously upbeat and catchy, and with the weight of their years together propelling them along, Less Than Jake are still a cut above the rest. The band release new album “See The Light” in November, so lets hope we get to see them back in Japan sometime next year.

Automatic / Ghosts of Me and You / Scott Farcas Takes It On The Chin / Look What Happened / The New Auld Lang Syne / Motown Never Sounded So Good / Sugar In Your Gas Tank / The Science of Selling Yourself Short / History of a Boring Town / Liquor Store / Dopeman / Conviction Notice / Nervous in the Alley / All My Friends Are Metalheads / Mr Personality / Al’s War / Gainsville

The Rest of My Life / Johnny Quest Thinks We’re Sellouts / Plastic Cup Politics

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