Feelflip (FEELFLIP) @ Shibuya Club Quattro (Sept. 18th, 2013)

Ska-punk band brings a darkly perky end to the summer
Live Report @ Shibuya Club Quattro 2013.09.18


September 18th at Club Quattro saw the Shibuya venue take a nostalgic trip back to the 90s and the height of ska-punk with Florida’s Less Than Jake in the house wrapping up their five-date Japan tour. Supported by Feelflip (Japan) the show provided a perfectly perky punk end to the doldrums of a summer blown away by a typhoon only a few days before.

FEELFLIPWith a stage drenched in red lights and Leningrad Cowboys’ “Putting on the Ritz” blasting across the PA, Feelflip drummer Toshi took to the stage and started a military drum march which launched into opening number “For Fighting”, immediately establishing Feelflip’s ska-punk sound. As opposed to the more “pop” elements of the headliners, Feelflip provided a heavier and slightly more hardcore serving of punk from the get-go. During “Intro”, Sax players Pon and Mock laced everything with darkly mischievous woodwind licks that harkened back to the days of Madness, whilst bassist Ikke impressed with his 7-string axe and a nice funky splash of bass slap.

FEELFLIP“Drunken Drunker” was slightly slower paced, and with a more guitar-led emphasis allowed for the sax players to skank about on the stage before hurling themselves into the crowd. Singer Tomoya chatted back and forth with the audience between songs, making sure everyone was enjoying themselves and orchestrating the circle-pits from above. Standout songs from the rest of set included the effervescent yet grimly-named “hate my life” and final song “I want my freedom back” which showed a metal-edge juxtaposed against some frenetic playing from the saxophones.

Feelflip’s exuberance certainly set the audience up for the rest of the show. With a sound that conjures up an image less sun-drenched and more of the witching-hour, coupled with catchy sing-along numbers, the band’s upcoming show in October at Daikinyama’s Unit promises to be one worth checking out.


For Fighting/ Intro / I hate you / Bad Smells Like Teen Spirit / Drunken Drunker / The Game / hate my life / With my sweetness I’ll kill you / Escape From Fuckin’ Land / Take the good with the bad / Spiderman / O.K. Man / By My Side / I want my freedom back

FEELFLIP(Photos, Review) – Less Than Jake (Photos, Review)

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