The Strypes @ Asagiri Jam – It’s A Beautiful Day! (Oct. 12th, 2013)

Renaissance Rockers, Not Teeny Boppers
Live Report – “Renaissance Rockers, Not Teeny Boppers” @ Asagiri Jam – It’s A Beautiful Day! 2013.10.12

The Strypes

A cursory look at these boys may give you the impression that the band on stage in front of thousands of fans is made of children in their fathers’ suits playing their granddaddy’s music. But as their own song goes, “You Can’t Judge A Book”, there’s more to these Irish rockers than meets the eye.

The StrypesAlthough the quartet’s members are physically young, they are more musically mature than many of their peers in the business. The beauty of The Strypes though, apart from the buzzing-to-the-fingertips performance they gave us on Saturday night, is that for all the talk of rehashing the 60s and 70s, these lads are creating something new. Instead, they are continuing from where the original rhythm and blues left off, which is why they’re so mind-numbingly good. To put it simply, they rock. They rock hard. And Asagiri Jammers responded in turn with nonstop dancing, screaming and shouting from the very first strum of the guitar to the last note of the night.

The StrypesVocalist Ross Farrelly rocks a mean harmonica—virtually unheard of in this day and age—and alternating vocals with lead guitarist Josh McClorey is a genius move, but it’s the collaboration with Pete O’Hanlan’s solid bass and Evan Walsh’s heavy drums that brings everything together in sweet, sweet harmony.

On a chilly Saturday evening on the Rainbow stage, The Strypes showed us that yes, they do make music like in the good ol’ days. Don’t forget to share that with pops and gramps. They trail blazed through the already classic “Blue Collar Jane”, and shared lusty “She’s So Fine” and “Angel Eyes” from new album Snapshot, the latter of which slowed things down before kicking up a crazy dancing frenzy that would continue right up until Asian Dub Foundation took to the stage later that night.

The StrypesThe hysteria as they played was fascinating, and slightly infectious. During the show I saw a total of 1 shoe, 2 towels, 1 pair of glasses (that ended up on stage and was courteously picked up by Ross, who passed them onto Josh, who tried them on before giving them to someone at the side of the stage for safekeeping. Aren’t they nice lads?) all fly up into the air in the steamy mosh pit of people grooving for their lives.

This, my friends, is how every teenage girl wishes her local high school band was like. And goddammit, if they were, we may be spared the Biebers of the world. Here’s to a new generation of real bands, real futures and real rock’n'roll.

The Strypes

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