Cero (cero) @ Asagiri Jam – It’s A Beautiful Day! (Oct. 12th, 2013)

Moderation is an unexpectedly successful recipe for great music and fun times
Live Report – “Moderation is an unexpectedly successful recipe for great music and fun times” @ Asagiri Jam – It’s A Beautiful Day! 2013.10.12


Cero (an acronym for “contemporary exotica rock orchestra”) took to the Moon Shine stage on a sunny Saturday mid-afternoon and had everyone dancing and cheering from the sound check onwards. Whether it was excitement from seeing this fast-rising band, or because Cero were fooling around and playing Van Halen’s “Jump!”, is anyone’s guess.

ceroSince their 2011 Fuji Rock Festival debut on the Rookie-A-Go-Go stage, they’ve skyrocketed from performing at tiny venues in hip Shimokitazawa to selling out big league venues like Club Quattro and Liquidroom in Shibuya and Ebisu. Their popularity keeps growing, and watching them you immediately understand why.

Three core members Shohei Takagi (vocals), Tsubasa Hashimoto (guitar), and Yu Arauchi (keyboards) create a futuristic yet inexplicably contemporary mixture that is difficult to place, but dangerously addictive. Cero accomplishes what most multi-genre bands only dream about achieving.
cero They blend 70s funk with steel drums, hints of electronica, brass band inlays and the occasional rapping and high-pitched singing. Sometimes all in the same song, like “Watashi no Sugata”, one of the first tracks they played that day. It sounds like it would be the most awful blend, but these boys have a knack of using everything in moderation—and that’s why it works. They are outside of any one genre and can be likened to the color black: the presence of all genres (colors).

ceroCero got stuck into with “Mountain, Mountain”, a melodic and fun crowd (and personal) favorite, as was “Smile”…and quite possibly just about every song on their set list. Before finishing off with “Deer Hunter”, a catchy tune with the chorus “hidey ho, hidey ho, hidey hidey ho”, vocalist Shohei announced Cero will be releasing a new single titled “Yellow Magus” next year. Judging by that performance, it will be eagerly anticipated by old, new (me included!) and future fans alike. Take it from someone who has no patience for the weird hippie stuff, these guys are well worth an extra look into. You’re welcome.

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