Mark McGuire @ Asagiri Jam – It’s A Beautiful Day! (Oct. 13th, 2013)

The artists have an amazing time at Asagiri too
Live Photos – Mark McGuire @ Asagiri Jam – It’s A Beautiful Day! 2013.10.12

Mark McGiure

In stark contrast to all this great reggae and groove was the mystical guitar spells cast by the ridiculously talented Mark McGuire who was until earlier this year, a member of the prolific ambient/experimental trio from Ohio, Emeralds. Getting swept away in the ambient, layered, looping and ever-evolving guitar melodies of Mr. McGuire, it is hard to believe that it is just one man up there with a guitar, keyboard and quite a few distortion pedals. Many thanks to the wonderful people at the fantastic label inpartmaint who were kind enough to get this comment from Mark himself the day after he played his set as Asagiri:

Mark McGuire“Asagiri Jam was really wonderful, and I will have quite the memory of it! I got stuck in heavy traffic heading into the festival, and arrived very shortly before my set time. While I was stressed out about missing my soundcheck and possibly missing my set time, as soon as I stepped out onto the stage, the crowd and the atmosphere of the festival was so welcoming that I immediately forgot about all the stress and had an amazing time! Thank you for hosting such a wonderful event in such a beautiful setting!”

Mark McGiure

–>Photo report or Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra

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