Sim (SiM) @ Yokohama F.A.D (Nov. 16th, 2013)

A raging homecoming kicks off Pandora tour
Live Report @ Yokohama F.A.D 2013.11.16


In a city known for jazz, reggae and hip hop the raw expression of metalcore and punk is still pulsating and thriving in veins of the city of Yokohama. Yes, Kanagawa’s own Sim was back home. It was a scene I was revisiting and a venue I was experiencing for the first time. It was dark, dingy, rank, sweaty, the walls dripped; simply put F.A.D was the perfect venue for SiM, who are now touring their new album, Pandora. In my return to the gritty live house scene, I realized I had missed the intensity both the music and crowd oozed with. Gazing through some of the young faces in the crowd brought back fond memories of some of the first shows I ever attended. You could feel the spirit coursing through the sweaty masses. We were all here to sacrifice our bodies and eardrums for the sake of the music and the few hundred packed into the venue were eager for the chance. In a country where primed and perfect idols lip sync songs to tens of thousands in sold out stadiums, it’s refreshing that bands like SiM can thrive in the underbelly for those that want something harder, darker, more in your face and rugged.

SiMEven before SiM took to the stage the crowd had been whipped into a frenzy by openers Good Morning America and Noisemaker. Crowd surfing, circle pits, flailing limps, and skanking swirled all around me as I held onto my clipboard and madly tried to scribble down recollections of the journey. Guitars snarled and voices screamed; I welcomed back a familiar release to the stress and mundanity of the everyday and let the music take control.

Sim played a set largely consisting of songs off their new album, “Pandora“, which was to be expected considering it was released just last month. Being a reggae fan, I had hoped to hear a little more of their reggae infused sound of past albums. This was one of the things about SiM that excited me when I discovered them a few short weeks ago. Their sound has seemed to sway a bit from the reggae and ska influences of the past, so I was pleased to hear them play ‘Rosso and dry’ which harks to that sound. Having caught my breath from the madness, I moved in deeper and braced myself as SiM continued cranking out the big hits from Pandora like, ‘Blah blah blah’ and ‘Who’s Next’. Even though the show was dedicated to showcasing their new album they still managed, to the crowd’s delight, to squeeze in older hits like ‘Jack B’ and ‘Killing me’

SiMSim is a band that seems intent on trying new things and having a great time in the process. The bassist, Sin, pronounced “Shin,” is known for his wicked dance moves and he brought the goods home to Yokohama on this night too. Whether they dabble in ska, punk, hardcore, reggae, metalcore or anything in between, SiM’s talent and love for the music manages to growl and pierce its way into your eardrums.

As I’ve gotten older, Ive moved away from the punk and hardcore scene. SiM made the trip back to the dark, sweaty, overcrowded live house a memorable one. Even into their ninth year together they still give off a raw freshness, and a manic sense of authenticity. This leaves me in good faith that the youth in Japan breaking into the scene are in good hands. The alternative exists screaming, swirling, moshing, skanking and occasionally taking a reggae break.


– Set List –
Pandora/ Boring people, fucking grays /Blah blah blah / Brain / Who’s next / March of the robots / Jack B. / Rosso and dry / Killing me / Dreaming dreams / F.A.I.T.H

–>Photo Report (Nov. 15th)

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