Coldrain (coldrain) @ Shibuya O-East (Dec. 8th, 2013)

Coldrain provide a fiercesome start to a memorable night
Live Reports “Coldrain provide a fiercesome start to a memorable night” @ Shibuya O-East 2013.12.08

O-East on December 8th was not only fired up for headliners Crossfaith, but also for supporting band Coldrain. The Nagoya band sent the temperature in the auditorium soaring during a brief but punchy 8-song set and limbered everyone up nicely for the headliners.

Opening with “To Be Alive” from “The Enemy Inside,” fans were treated to the earlier form of Coldrain that tends to invite more “emo-rock” comparisons. Followed by tracks like “No Escape” and “Behind the Curtain” it’s clear that Coldrain deal in clean, catchy choruses juxtaposed with vocalist Masato’s agonized death growl.

Coldrain “Six Feet Under” mixed more of that method with a little madness in a song that moved from quieter moments to dynamic guitar chugs and a solo from guitarist Y.K.C that sent a deluge of crowdsurfers cascading over the barriers. The chaos in the pit threw up a mist of heat that made even those sitting upstairs start to sweat.

As Masato chucked bottles of water out to the sweat-soaked crowd, Y.K.C. picked slowly through a tranquil and echoing opening guitar line which built into the powerful “The War Is On”, a song which shows brilliantly how the band have developed their sound on their most recent album. It was definitely one of the stand-out songs of the set with mastery of the melodic choruses and muscular breakdowns.

Following this was a comparative battering from “Voiceless”. With a bit more a swagger to it in comparison to the previous songs the band seemed to have settled into a groove, and bassist RxYxO certainly seemed to have got into the swing of things as he cheekily waggled his tongue at the crowd.

ColdrainFinishing out the set Coldrain pulled out two of their most anthemic numbers – “Die Tomorrow” and “The Revelation”. Masato stepped off the stage and onto the barrier for the final song and stood precariously balanced and screaming out the final lyrics, supported by a sea of hands that kept him in place as the crowd all pushed forward to get closer.

With their one man show “EVOLVE” coming up in January 2014 and then a stint about Europe with “Bullet For My Valentine”, Coldrain are a great example of the brand of anthemic, post-hardcore bands that are coming out of Japan. Setting them apart from the others is their tendency towards the heavy, making for a kick-ass live show that promises to have them leaving a trail of converts across Europe in 2014.

- Set List -
To Be Alive / No Escape / Behind the Curtain / Six Feet Under / The War is On / Voiceless / Die Tomorrow / The Revelation

coldrain (Photos, Review) – CROSSFAITH (Photos, Review)

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