Intro : “Dreams Come True as Typhoon Fears Fade” @ Asagiri Jam – It’s A Beautiful Day! (Oct. 11th & 12th, 2014)

Intro : “Dreams Come True as Typhoon Fears Fade”
Features – Intro : “Dreams Come True as Typhoon Fears Fade” @ Asagiri Jam – It’s A Beautiful Day! 2014.10.11 & 12

Asagiri Jam

The annual migration towards has begun in earnest and the air is tinged with anticipation ahead of this year’s edition of Asagiri Jam. The level of excitement may be just a little higher this year as the festival was almost lost to us. Until Friday morning there was a risk that the event may be cancelled due to oncoming typhoon Vongfong. The weather gods were feeling generous though, and the rainstorm likely won’t hit this part of the mainland until Tuesday.

Located just a stone’s throw from the gorgeous Mount Fuji, the festival boasts not only a spectacular view of the mountain, but also of its hilly and green surroundings—a perfect place to spend the weekend at the start of autumn. The stunning scenery is just the start. It’s difficult to describe what makes Asagiri Jam so unique—most likely because it’s not one element that makes it great. It’s the fantastic surroundings, it’s the people who gather there—whether for the music, the other festivities, or just to hang out with friends—it’s all of these factors put together that makes Asagiri Jam such a deeply impressive experience.

This year is no exception: there are jewelry-making workshops, yoga lessons, live painting, flea markets, a wide variety of food stalls and more to entertain festivalgoers when they’re not watching live shows. That’s not to say the performances aren’t the main attraction—far from it. This year the fes will be graced by Soil & “Pimp” sessions, Asakusa Jinta, Skinny Lister… The list goes on! In just two days and on two stages, musicians from all over the world will gather to play in the shadow of Mount Fuji (which is quite possibly the true headlining act of the whole festival)—an experience that most can only dream about.

But this isn’t a dream, and it’s happening now—so let’s go out and make the most of it!






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