Skinny Lister @ Asagiri Jam – It’s A Beautiful Day! (Oct. 11th, 2014)

Dance, drink and be merry with Skinny Lister
Live Report : Skinny Lister “Dance, drink and be merry with Skinny Lister” @ Asagiri Jam – It’s A Beautiful Day! (Oct. 11th, 2014)

Skinny Lister

Skinny Lister first played Japan a little over a year ago at Asagiri Jam’s older cousin, the legendary Fuji Rock Festival. They played multiple times throughout the fest and surely won over quite a few fans in the process, myself included. So, when I heard they were returning to Japan, I was excited at the chance to see them perform again. They are a rowdy, highly danceable, six-piece British folk punk band. They want nothing more than to belt out tunes together with fans, drink and be merry. Instrumentation includes guitars, drums, accordion, double bass, stomp box, mandolin and more. They are the type of band you could see in a pub while punters dance on tables swigging back pints together with the band late into the night.

They played mostly tunes from their recently released sophomore album, “Down On Deptford Broadway” which received a Japanese release even before the UK (the band is now in England playing out the album). Their set, the second act of the fest on the main stage, seemed a bit short at around 50 minutes, but was non stop enjoyment from both crowd and band. There was a lot of banter between songs, and in what now seems to be a band staple, double bassist Michael Camino dragged his bass into the giddy audience below for a couple songs. Skinny ListerMeanwhile, despite being mid-afternoon, the fans drank, jumped and jigged along like it was last call at the bar. Lister worked through the bulk of their new material and threw in a few favourites off their first album such as the sing-a-long hit “John Kanaka”. The songs on the new album are high energy moonshine-fuelled crackers such as “Trouble On Oxford Street” in which guitarist Daniel Heptinstall recalled to us how he caught a beat down in London’s famed shopping district. Asagiri Jam was the last stop of a 4-show Japan tour, which also saw Lister play gigs in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. They seemed sad it was coming to an end, but grateful to be able to play for an appreciative and energetic crowd. Front woman and vocalist Lorna Thomas was gleeful and charming belting out waltzes, snapping pictures of the crowd to show to her Dad, ‘Party George’, then claiming “if I could kiss every one of you, I would.”

Their Japan tour also featured the return of guitarist, Sam “Mule” Brace, who didn’t appear to have missed a beat since his absence. Lister has an old-timey sound, it feels very raw and emotional when played live, something that is refreshing in today’s digital age of music. They have their roots late at night in the pub setting, but prove they can rock the outdoor stage in the middle of the day just as well.

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