Redline Riot Tour feat. Survive Said The Prophet, Wrong City, Noisemaker & Crystal Lake @ Ebisu Liquidroom (Jan. 27th, 2015)

A Riot of Sound at the Redline Finale
Live Reports “A Riot of Sound at the Redline Finale” @ Ebisu Liquidroom 2015.01.27

Cystal Lake

The Redline Riot tour, little brother to the bigger Redline Tour of 2014, found its way to a grand finale at Ebisu’s Liquidroom on January 27th after a 2-week, 7-date jaunt around some smaller live houses in Japan. Accompanying the tour is the Redline Riot CD, a sampler featuring 2 songs from each of the four bands playing the tour, and a handy introduction to those yet unfamiliar.

Survive Said The ProphetSurvive Said The Prophet opened up the show with a set that provided an upbeat and melodic beginning to the night. Watching them, it was easy to forget that SSTP are still a relatively young band as their stage presence, and a receptive and eager audience welcoming them to it, made for a great start to the evening.

Survive Said The ProphetEntering to a slow piano-backing track, the band kicked off with “Awake you Ask Kinda Awkwardly”, a tune which veers between quite and loud, singing and roaring – a balladic screamer, if you will. Survive Said The Prophet excel at pulling on heart strings, producing the kind of songs that might well require a music video involving a desolate winter beach and some tears, all mixed up with some in-warehouse rocking out. It’s a niche that Japanese bands are exceptionally good at without sounding twee and are no less engaging for.

Survive Said The ProphetThird song “Mirror” brought out a trio of two violinists and a cello player to accompany the song, which again played to the band’s balladic strengths as well as that of the audience`s arms, as they waved from side to side in time throughout the song. “Uplifted” began with some dreamy guitar picking before kicking into a powerful chorus, setting the pace for the last two songs of the set, with sing-along sections and much flying hair from the band.

Wrong CityWrong City were up next, cruising onto the stage to a track one might expect from a vampire gypsy disco: spooky yet oddly perky. Bringing in elements of metal and screamo to their sound, the band changed the mood with a blast of alternative pop-rock heaviness which seemed to keep to the punk ethos of 3-minute songs and plenty of them, with a an exuberant on stage personality to match.

Wrong City“Perfect Duty” and “Your Warmth” carried over some of the melodics SSTP had kicked the show off with, but by the forth song, Wrong City’s tone had taken on a cheeky punk groove. “Sorge” continued on the theme of a good bop, during which guitarist Onishi ran around the stage like he’d been at the backstage rider eating all the E-numbers, setting off peels of laughter amongst his band mates and onlookers. Next song up “Dance Hall Drug” was probably a favourite of the set with an appealing punk mischief to it that had everyone dancing along to the end of the set.

NoisemakerFollowing them came Noisemaker, another band large on the melody but with crunchy breakdowns that had the crowd bouncing along throughout the set. Songs such as “Oblivion” and “Drafting Clouds” followed a melodic route while number like “Reason” had a nu-metal-inspired edge to them with a hip-hoppy styling over the screechy guitar that defined elements of the 90s/00s genre. “Horizon” had an impressive depth to it built around layering and backing tracks, along with a catchy anthemic chorus, bringing into it some of the same dreamy quality from earlier in the show.

NoisemakerFinal song “Somebody Wants Days You Close” brought a tribal atmosphere to the room from the rhythm section while singer AG got the crowd to do callbacks as he waded off the stage and into a sea of hands for the soaring final number.

Headliners Crystal Lake need no introduction as we’re big fans here at Smashing Magazine, having endured flying beers, spectacle-peril, and mid-morning circle-pits in reporting on the band. Watching from the safety of the sidelines was no less an intense experience as the band came crashing in with opener “Matrix”, a bruisingly heavy number that was given some added metal frisson by the appearance of guest vocalist Ikepy from Her Name in Blood.

Crystal LakeHaving performed at last year’s Knotfest on the same stage Limp Bizkit would be gracing later in the day, I have to confess that Crystal Lake’s cover of the nu-metal heavyweight’s signature song actually made me reassess my liking for the Florida rock stars. “Are you ready for chaos?” asked singer Ryo as the crowd opened up for yet another circle pit. The answer was a resounding yes. The Crystal Lake version of “Rollin`” live is everything you would want it to be: brutal, chuggy, and all the more fun more its familiarity mixed up with a hardcore Crystal Lake attitude.

Crystal Lake“Light up the tunnel” a track available on the Redline Riot CD, brought with it arrthymic chugs, run through with a melody that pulled the band into the musical thread of the night, something which also followed with “Beloved”, a demonstration of Crystal Lake’s more recent musical oeuvre than their previous one. However, the older numbers were not left out in the cold: “Twisted Fate” brought more carnage and final number “The Fire Inside” pleased everyone with its well-known chant, including the singers of the other three bands, who joined in by sharing vocal duties and high-fiving the crowd throughout.

Crystal LakeThe Redline Riot tour may be over, but there’s no need to fret, all of the bands are playing again soon – there is, after all, no rest for the wickedly good. You can catch Survive Said The Prophet and Crystal Lake in Shinjuku on February 12th as part of the Brotherhood 2015 show. Noisemaker will be supporting Swanky Dank, Crossfaith and Meaning as part of each of the respective band’s upcoming tours, as well as kicking off a one-man tour of their own in May. Wrong City will also be having a very busy February with a string of appearances in the coming weeks.

Survive Said The Prophet SETLIST
Awake You Ask Kinda Awkwardly/ If You Really Want To/ Mirror/ Interlude/ Uplifted/ I Guess I Won’t Tell

Wrong City SETLIST
Perfect Duty/ Your Warmth/ Love Goes Over/ My Shape/ Sorge/ Dance Hall Drug/ The Everything

Noisemaker SETLIST
The New Era/ Oblivion/ Reason/ Horizon/ Drafting Clouds/ Somebody Wants Days You Close

Crystal Lake SETLIST
Matrix/ Ups & Downs/ Rollin’/ Light Up The Tunnel/ Beloved/ Twisted Fate/ The Fire Inside

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