Back Drop Bomb @ Shibuya WWW (Feb. 6th, 2015)

Still dropping bombs twenty years on
Live Report : “Still dropping bombs twenty years on” @ Shibuya WWW 2015.02.06)

Bands and celebrities have a way of sticking around and staying relevant here in Japan, when they might have faded out in the west. Such is the case that minor celebrities (or talents) and indie bands can stay afloat in their chosen profession for most of their lives. This is largely thanks to the support of the die-hard fans. Back Drop Bomb, now in its 21st year is one such case. They’re a band that never fully rose above underground status, but has been rocking, rapping, and dropping musical bombs on its fans since the mid 90′s. They rose to fame in the late 1990′s and played perhaps their biggest shows during this period, including rocking out on the headline stages of Fuji Rock Festival . As recent as 2006 they were still rocking the white stage (one of the major stages). Their sound is a mixture of hard rock, rap, punk, electronica and more. They are fronted by a duo of MCs whose styles linger between rapped vocals and melodic singing. The rest of the band features 2 guitars, a bassist and a drummer.

While this style isn’t as new or fresh as it may have been 10 years ago, BDB still can still rock a party and get the crowd moving. Packed into the small Shibuya WWW venue fit BDB perfectly. They played mainly tunes off their new album, Loftinaction, which dropped late last year. The sound on the new album is a bit less electronic sounding than older material. It’s got a hard rock, at times metalish edge with fringes of rap-rock and punk. Their sound is very tight despite revolving around different genres, the years of practice and playing out shows serve them well in the live setting.

Despite 20 years in the game or perhaps because of this, they kept the energy fairly high throughout. Fans of different generations moshed and surfed wildly up front while the older members of the audience took it easier further back, bobbing and swaying obediently. Stand out hits from the show included the opening number “Even”, another tune from their new album, “Wear and Tear” and a little mash up of their 90′s tunes “Bounce it” and “Blazin’”. Back Drop Bomb isn’t a band that is progressing or gaining new followers as they might have at one time, but they certainly arent going quietly either. They kept the bombs dropping and their fans happy and ultimately that’s the important thing in being able to continue a career in show business. Twenty years in, being able to pack a venue regardless of the size is a feat in itself.

— set list —

Even / Envy Away / Entered Again / Road / Tell / No One Else / Progress / Remind Me / In Order To Find The New Sense / The Air – Mastadabestan / Sign / Wear and Tear / See / Bounce it – Blazin’ / Perspective / Clear in

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