Intro : “The Mystic Vibes from Mt. Fuji Are Here With Us” @ Asagiri Jam – It’s A Beautiful Day! (Oct. 10th & 11th, 2015)

Intro : “The Mystic Vibes from Mt. Fuji Is Here With Us”
Features – Intro : “The Mystic Vibes from Mt. Fuji Is Here With Us” @ Asagiri Jam – It’s A Beautiful Day! 2014.10.10 & 11

Asagiri Jam

Some amazing photos of Mt. Fuji posted in Facebook of those who had been working at Asagiri Arena, we all may have been over excited. We never know when this started, but people started naming a breathtaking view of Mt. Fuji in various ways. A diamond Fuji is a view with the tiny sun light coming out behind the mountain and reflecting the burning red sun light on the surface is red Fuji. Even in the late evening, with a back ground of deep blue sky, you could see the shade of the mountain and it is called Black Fuji. It seems all of the people were enjoying the change of the expression of this symbolic & mystic mountain of Japan.

Leaving Tokyo early in the morning on the 10th, we got here around noon and the first view came into our sight was some colorful tents right in front of the Rainbow Stage. Unfortunately the sky is grey and it is pretty cold. We have to realize that winter is not that far away, but the energy of the people here is warm and… hot when the music starts.

Like the last year, we will be posting series of photo reports of the shows from here. Wishing you all are here with us, but just in case you could not make it, please do share this mystic energy of Mt. Fuji and people. Live & direct… is what we are trying to get at…

–>Grim Spanky

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