Coldrain @ Zepp Tokyo, (Jan. 15th, 2016)

Cardiac Commotion with Coldrain
Live Report @ Zepp Tokyo 2016.01.15

Since we last caught up with Coldrain at the 2014 Outburn tour they’ve been named one of the hottest bands around by Kerrang!, toured with Papa Roach, Bullet For My Valentine and While She Sleeps in the UK, and they’ve found time amongst all that to record and release slamming new album “Vena”. From previous experience, one thing we’ve come to notice about Coldrain is that touring tightens them up and adds a bit of swagger to their onstage performance. Friday night’s show at Zepp Tokyo brought a slick and extended chance to catch new songs in action, as well as many treats from the past.

coldrainColdrain’s production notes went big on lighting and staging, with a huge bank of stage lights giving a blinding backdrop that kept the band dramatically silhouetted for much of the show. With pyrotechnics adding some “flare”, it all created an atmosphere that seemed to encourage less focus on the band and more on the power of the music.

Compared to other Japanese bands of a similar ilk, Coldrain possess a sound which is much more Western but simultaneously encompasses much of what is getting music fans overseas excited about Japanese bands. What Coldrain do very well indeed is lyrical numbers that have the whole venue bellowing along, and in this respect the band did not fail to deliver – songs like the storming “Wrong”, “To Be Alive” and firmcoldrain favourites like “Timebomb” were excellent songs to give the crowd everything they could want out of a live show. Masato’s superb voice really pulls you into more “emotional” numbers, but he is equally capable of switching things to get down and dirty for the heavier numbers, of which “Vena” has provided some standout punchy tracks like “Words of the Youth” and “Pretty Little Liar” to add to their live shows.

The repeated switching from heavy to light so common in the current wave of younger metal bands wears a bit thin sometimes, but fortunately Coldrain are not really of that ilk; they possess more of a pop sensibility than a metal one, which adds a catchy frisson to their work. At their weakest, they veer towards the more balladic end of the spectrum, which is a fantastic showcase for Masato’s voice, but meant that sections of the show lacked for energy when up against the thumping numbers on either side of them.

coldrainFor those die-hard fans though, Coldrain’s epic set was perfect; after all, 3000 hollering people in a sold out Tokyo Zepp can’t be wrong and Coldrain’s one-man gig revealed that the band still continue to evolve and impress. With 2016 shaping up to be one of their biggest years yet, the band can look forward to some great live shows around the globe.

Coldrain will be touring the heart-arrestingly good “Vena” until the end of January in Japan and will be off playing the US with Silverstein from March. Make sure to catch them in a town near you.

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