Smoking Bird – “Naughty Little Girls” (Jan. 17th, 2010)

CD Review – “Naughty Little Girls” 2010.01.17

In 2005 Smoking Bird record its second full album, the amazing Naughty Little Girls. This proudly self produced recording, confirms the personality of the band, who’s love for Rock ‘n’ Roll hard and pure is evident; drawing from classic sources, leaving behind the latest tendencies and hypes that fill the charts and top the indie scene, striving to find that beat that comes from the belly ( that Rock ‘n’ Roll gut feeling) a thing of beauty.

Smoking Bird was born in 1997. The band members are Tamargo brothers, Iván on drums, David on guitars, Pablo “Chazz” Lalanda on vocals and Ray Kurtz on bass guitar. Classified as one of the best live acts in the Spanish rock scene, Smoking Bird follows the path opened by great bands like Queen or The Who making their songs bigger in studio.

This is a nice slab of organic sounding, jam-friendly cock rock the likes of which we haven’t heard in years. A great follow up to the magnificent “Sunset in a new town”. If you have any question as to what kind of music you are listening to, Naughty Little Girls steps from the basic Chuck Berry approach of “The School”, dedicated to Traci Lords fans or “Mind your own business” (…definitely nothing that Hanna Montana could cover!) to arena rock oriented hits like “Cool Ass” or “Talkin about you” where Mr. Lalanda shows his soulful best at the top of a Monster Magnet mood piece.

My advice is skip to track two, beer in your hand, listen to the boogie-woogie piano and the swaggering rhythms of “Rock N’ Roll Balls” If you can make it through this tune without smiling, go find another band; these cats ain’t for you. In terms of other stand out tracks, there are many to be found on “Naughty Little Girls”. “You Gotta Do It” grooves between full on and half time shuffle rhythms effortlessly. The epic 6 plus minutes of “Maniac Love” are a real treat. This up-tempo rocker wails from right out of the gate, soon simmers down to a killer groove courtesy of bassist Ray Kurtz, and then blows back up with manic solos by guitarist David Tamargo.

The final track give us another clue to enter the Bird’s universe. This long trip,almost a movie about the life of a rock n’roll band,takes you every place (…some that you won’t expect!) and leaves you back at home ready to party again.

Text by Willy Pizana

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