button 「GAL盤」レコ発ライブ@Shibuya Chelsea Hotel
(28th Oct. '04)

-Tokyo Pinsalocks - part1

Tokyo Pinsalocks
Tokyo PinsalocksTokyo Pinsalocks Tokyo Pinsalocks
Tokyo Pinsalocks
Tokyo PinsalocksTokyo PinsalocksTokyo Pinsalocks Tokyo PinsalocksTokyo Pinsalocks
photo by saya38

--> part2


buttonphoto report by saya38 : [ Lolita no.18 | Tokyo Pinsalocks ]

buttonreview by nob : 新旧ギャルバン対決 - [ 1 | 2 | 3 ]

buttoninterview by joe : GAL盤(ギャルバン)の時代到来 !? 〜 東芝EMI・N氏に突撃! - [ 1 | 2 ]

buttonmag files :

buttonphoto report (04/10/28 @ Shibuya Chelsea Hotel) : photo by saya38
buttonミクスチャー・キャー・キャー (04/08/28 @ Shibuya Chelsea Hotel) :review by yoshi_k, photo by Ken-Go!
buttonphoto report (04/08/28 @ Shibuya Chelsea Hotel) : photo by Ken-Go!
button初のワンマンっていいね (04/04/03 @ Shibuya BOXX) : review by toddy, photo by hanasan
buttonphoto report (04/04/03 @ Shibuya BOXX) : photo by Ken-Go!
buttonphoto report (04/04/03 @ Shibuya BOXX) : photo by hanasan
buttonよさこい+焼肉+バブルガール! (04/03/28 @ Street Live in Shibuya) : review by nob, photo by izumikuma
buttonphoto report (04/03/28 @ Street Live in Shibuya) : photo by izumikuma
buttonphoto report (04/03/11 @ Kobe Chiken George) : photo by ikesan
button声という楽器の可能性 (04/02/27 @ Shibuya Chelsea Hotel) : review by joe, photo by maikokko
buttonphoto report (04/02/27 @ Shibuya Chelsea Hotel) : photo by maikokko
buttonInterview : 女の人に聴いてもらいたい (04/02/22) : interview by nob, photo by izumikuma and keco
buttonno title (04/02/18 @ Shinjuku LOFT) : review by 加賀琢磨, photo by izumikuma
buttonphoto report (04/02/18 @ Shinjuku LOFT) : photo by izumikuma
button終わりでなく、出発として (03/12/26 @ Shinjuku ACB Hall) : review by nob, photo by keco
button完成度の高いミクスチャー (03/12/26 @ Shinjuku ACB Hall) : review by joe, photo by keco
buttonphoto report (03/12/26 @ Shinjuku ACB Hall) : photo by keco
button柔も剛もよく柔も剛も制す (03/12/21 @ Utsunomiya Vogue) : review by nob
button爆音の砂嵐へ (03/12/17 @ Chiba Look) : review by nob

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"KICK THE NORM" (compilation 1 track提供)
"音の穴(6)" (compilation 1 track提供)

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buttonthe Muffs , zoobombz , SLOTH LOVE CHUNKS(29th Oct@ Shibuya Quattro)
buttonTokyo Pinsalocks (04/10/28 @ Shibuya Chelsea Hotel)
buttonLolita no.18 (04/10/28 @ Shibuya Chelsea Hotel)
buttoninvisibleman'sdeathbed (27th Oct@ Shibuya O-WEST)
buttonWAKUSEI (27th Oct@ Shibuya O-WEST)
buttonWRENCH (23th Oct@ Shinjuku LOFT)
buttonBACK DROP BOMB (23th Oct@ Shinjuku LOFT)
buttonMASTER LOW (19th Oct@ Shibuya AX)
button町田康 新ユニット (1st Oct@ Shinjuku LOFT)
buttonNewYork Dolls (25th Sept@ Zepp Tokyo)
buttonwakusei (23th Sept@ Chiba LOOK)
buttonJUDE (4th Sept@ Shinjuku LOFT)
buttonthe privates (4th Sept@ Shinjuku LOFT)
buttondust n bonez (23th Aug@ Shinjuku LOFT)
buttondetroit 7 (23th Aug@ Shinjuku LOFT)
buttonLife On Earth (23th Aug@ Shinjuku LOFT)
buttoninvisiblemansdeathbed (23th Aug@ Shinjuku LOFT)
buttonPEALOUT (26th July@ Shinjuku LOFT)
buttoninvisiblemansdeathbed (4th July@ Hatsudai Doors)
buttoneasternyouth (1st July @ Shibuya Quattro
buttonWakusei (13th June @ Shibuya Quattro
buttoninvisiblemansdeathbed (6th June@ Shimokitazawa Shelter)
buttoninvisiblemansdeathbed (21st May@ Shinjuku LOFT)
button町田康 新ユニット (1st May@ Shinjuku LOFT)
buttonZAZENBOYS (1st May @ Shinjuku LOFT)
buttonMO'SOMETONEBENDER (29th Apr @ Shinjuku LOFT)
buttonTOE (29th Apr @ Shinjuku LOFT)
buttonWRENCH (28th Apr @ Shinjuku LOFT)
buttonThe Captains (16th Apr @ Shibuya CYCLONE)
buttoninvisiblemansdeathbed (4th Apr @ Yokohama club24)
buttonPEALOUT (3rd Apr @ Shibuya Quattro)
buttonWORD IS OUT! (28th Mar @ Shibuya AX) : feat.strobo, illreme , BACK DROP BOMB , CO-FUSION and WRENCH
buttonThe Captains (27th Mar @ Akihabara Goodman)
buttonRickie Lee Jones (26th Mar @ Shibuya Orcahrd Hall)
buttonWakusei (18th Mar @ Shimokitazawa Shelter
buttonLightning Bolt with zOoOoOm & WRENCH (11th March @ Shibuya Nest)
buttonINCUBUS (3rd March @ Nippon Budokan)
buttonThe Captains (29th Feb @ Shibuya O-Crest)
buttonMOST (22nd Feb @ Shinjuku LOFT)
buttonNOTALIN'S (22nd Feb @ Shinjuku LOFT)
buttoninvisiblemansdeathbed (18th Feb @ Hatsudai Doors)
buttoninvisiblemansdeathbed (15th Feb @ Shinjyuku MARZ)
buttonMO'SOME TONEBENDER (10th Feb @ Shibuya Quattro)
buttonJET (4th Feb @ Shibuya AX)
buttonWakusei (3rd Feb @ Shibuya AX)
buttonMO'SOME TONEBENDER (27th Jan @ Shibuya Quattro)
buttonJagatara Matsuri : feat. Kai /WRENCH /MOST /SUPER Gooooooooo! (19th Jan @ Shinjuku LOFT)
buttonEXTREME THE DOJO vol.7 : feat. PIG DESTROYER, AxCx, nasum, and Napalm Death (12th Jan @ Shibuya Quattro)
buttonWRENCH (10th Jan @ Shinjuku LOFT)
buttonWakusei (10th Jan @ Shinkiba / Warped Tour)
buttonbleach(10th Jan @ Shinkiba / Warped Tour)


buttonWakusei (30th Dec @ Shibuya Quattro)
buttonPEALOUT (30th Dec @ Shibuya Quattro)
buttonKatteni Shiyagare (30th Dec @ Shibuya Quattro)

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