button Sun Set Live 2008 @ Keya Beach (5th to 7th Sept. '08)

- Crazy Ken Band -

Crazy Ken Band
Crazy Ken BandCrazy Ken Band Crazy Ken BandCrazy Ken BandCrazy Ken Band
Crazy Ken Band
Crazy Ken BandCrazy Ken Band Crazy Ken Band
Crazy Ken Band
Crazy Ken BandCrazy Ken Band Crazy Ken BandCrazy Ken Band
Crazy Ken BandCrazy Ken Band

photos by sam
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5th Sept. : Palm Stage
Black Bottom Brass Band | ->Doberman | ->The Travellers | ->Rize | ->Dengeki Network (Tokyo Shock Boys) | ->The Birthday | ->BoomBoom Satellites

5th Sept. : Beach Stage
Aloha | ->Emi Tawata & The Soul Infinity | ->bird | ->Dohzi-T / Thelma Aoyama | ->Sun Paulo

6th Sep. : Palm Stage
Ska☆Rockets | ->Arts | ->Mongol 800 | ->Oki Dub Ainu Band | ->Special Others | ->Little Tempo | ->Crazy Ken Band

6th Sep. : Beach Stage
Jah ☆ Jah | ->Nontroppo | ->Soffet | ->Cutman-Booche | ->Chris Murray Combo | ->Ryukyudisco

6th Sep. : Sun Set Stage
Yosuke @ Home | ->Youmou & Ohana | ->Leyona | ->Keison

7th Sep. : Palm Stage
Natural Radio Station | ->Brown Sugar | ->Inushiki (a.k.a.Doggystyle) | ->HomeGrown, Rankin Taxi, Papa U-Ge

7th Sep. : Beach Stage
The Explosions | ->Saigenji | ->Seiko Ito & Pomeranians | ->Double Famous | ->Soil & "Pimp" Sessions

7th Sep. : Sun Set Stage
Tomohiro Higashida | ->Kicell

buttonmag files : Crazy Ken Band

buttonphoto report (08/09/06 @ Sun Set Live 2008, Keya Beach, Itoshima) : photos by sam
button「スカ帝国」番外編は歌謡曲のにおいがする。 (01/03/22 @ Shinjuku Loft) : review by nob, photos by hanasan

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Sun Set Live 2008


overall photo document

      [Vol.1 by hanasan]
      [Vol.2 by ikesan]
      [Vol.3 by sam]
      [Vol.4 by suguta]

photo reports &reviews

on the 5th

button Aloha @ Beach Stage
buttonbird @ Beach Stage
buttonBirthday,The @ Palm Stage
buttonBlack Bottom Brass Band @ Palm Stage
buttonBoom Boom Satellites @ Palm Stage
buttonDengeki Network (Tokyo Shock Boys) @ Palm Stage
buttonDoberman @ Palm Stage
buttonDohzi-T / Thelma Aoyama @ Beach Stage
buttonEmi Tawata & The Soul Infinity @ Beach Stage
buttonRize @ Palm Stage
buttonSun Paulo @ Beach Stage
buttonTravellers, The @ Palm Stage

on the 6th

buttonArts @ Palm Stage
buttonChris Murray Combo @ Beach Stage
buttonCrazy Ken Band @ Palm Stage
buttonCutman-Booche @ Beach Stage
buttonJah ☆ Jah @ Beach Stage
buttonKeison @ Sun Set Stage
buttonLeyona @ Sun Set Stage
buttonLittle Tempo @ Palm Stage
buttonMongol 800 @ Palm Stage
buttonNontroppo @ Beach Stage
buttonOki Dub Ainu Band @ Palm Stage
buttonRyukyudisco @ Beach Stage
buttonSka☆Rockets @ Palm Stage
buttonSoffet @ Beach Stage
buttonSpecial Others @ Palm Stage
buttonYosuke @ Home @ Sun Set Stage
buttonYoumou & Ohana @ Sun Set Stage

on the 7th

buttonBrown Sugar @ Palm Stage
buttonDanger Syu @ Palm Stage
buttonDouble Famous @ Beach Stage
buttonExplosions, The @ Beach Stage
buttonTomohiro Higashida @ Sun Set Stage
buttonHome Grown, Rankin Taxi, Papa U-Ge @ SunSetStage
buttonInushiki (a.k.a.Doggystyle) @ Palm Stage
buttonKicell @ Sun Set Stage
buttonNatural Radio Station @ Palm Stage
buttonSaigenji @ Beach Stage
buttonSeiko Ito & Pomeranians @ Beach Stage
buttonSoil & "Pimp" Sessions @ BeachStage

mag files :Sunset Live


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