button Sun Set Live 2008 @ Keya Beach (5th to 7th Sept. '08)

- Tomohiro Higashida -

Tomohiro Higashida Tomohiro Higashida
Tomohiro Higashida Tomohiro Higashida Tomohiro Higashida Tomohiro Higashida
Tomohiro Higashida Tomohiro Higashida Tomohiro Higashida

9/27(土) 沖縄 21世紀の森公園
10/3(金) 札幌 BASSIE HALL
10/5(日) 青山 月見ル君想フ
10/10(金) 名古屋 ハックフィンファクトリー
10/11(土) 静岡 GLOBAL TASTE
10/12(日) 渋谷 O-Crest
10/24(金) 神戸 cafe FISH
10/25(土) 倉敷 BLACK STAGE
10/26(日) 大阪 blowBAR
11/28(金) 渋谷 duo MUSIC EXCHANGE


photos by suguta
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5th Sept. : Palm Stage
Black Bottom Brass Band | ->Doberman | ->The Travellers | ->Rize | ->Dengeki Network (Tokyo Shock Boys) | ->The Birthday | ->BoomBoom Satellites

5th Sept. : Beach Stage
Aloha | ->Emi Tawata & The Soul Infinity | ->bird | ->Dohzi-T / Thelma Aoyama | ->Sun Paulo

6th Sep. : Palm Stage
Ska☆Rockets | ->Arts | ->Mongol 800 | ->Oki Dub Ainu Band | ->Special Others | ->Little Tempo | ->Crazy Ken Band

6th Sep. : Beach Stage
Jah ☆ Jah | ->Nontroppo | ->Soffet | ->Cutman-Booche | ->Chris Murray Combo | ->Ryukyudisco

6th Sep. : Sun Set Stage
Yosuke @ Home | ->Youmou & Ohana | ->Leyona | ->Keison

7th Sep. : Palm Stage
Natural Radio Station | ->Brown Sugar | ->Inushiki (a.k.a.Doggystyle) | ->HomeGrown, Rankin Taxi, Papa U-Ge

7th Sep. : Beach Stage
The Explosions | ->Saigenji | ->Seiko Ito & Pomeranians | ->Double Famous | ->Soil & "Pimp" Sessions

7th Sep. : Sun Set Stage
Tomohiro Higashida | ->Kicell

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buttonphoto report (08/09/07 @ Sun Set Live 2008) : photos by suguta

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Sun Set Live 2008


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      [Vol.2 by ikesan]
      [Vol.3 by sam]
      [Vol.4 by suguta]

photo reports &reviews

on the 5th

button Aloha @ Beach Stage
buttonbird @ Beach Stage
buttonBirthday,The @ Palm Stage
buttonBlack Bottom Brass Band @ Palm Stage
buttonBoom Boom Satellites @ Palm Stage
buttonDengeki Network (Tokyo Shock Boys) @ Palm Stage
buttonDoberman @ Palm Stage
buttonDohzi-T / Thelma Aoyama @ Beach Stage
buttonEmi Tawata & The Soul Infinity @ Beach Stage
buttonRize @ Palm Stage
buttonSun Paulo @ Beach Stage
buttonTravellers, The @ Palm Stage

on the 6th

buttonArts @ Palm Stage
buttonChris Murray Combo @ Beach Stage
buttonCrazy Ken Band @ Palm Stage
buttonCutman-Booche @ Beach Stage
buttonJah ☆ Jah @ Beach Stage
buttonKeison @ Sun Set Stage
buttonLeyona @ Sun Set Stage
buttonLittle Tempo @ Palm Stage
buttonMongol 800 @ Palm Stage
buttonNontroppo @ Beach Stage
buttonOki Dub Ainu Band @ Palm Stage
buttonRyukyudisco @ Beach Stage
buttonSka☆Rockets @ Palm Stage
buttonSoffet @ Beach Stage
buttonSpecial Others @ Palm Stage
buttonYosuke @ Home @ Sun Set Stage
buttonYoumou & Ohana @ Sun Set Stage

on the 7th

buttonBrown Sugar @ Palm Stage
buttonDanger Syu @ Palm Stage
buttonDouble Famous @ Beach Stage
buttonExplosions, The @ Beach Stage
buttonTomohiro Higashida @ Sun Set Stage
buttonHome Grown, Rankin Taxi, Papa U-Ge @ SunSetStage
buttonInushiki (a.k.a.Doggystyle) @ Palm Stage
buttonKicell @ Sun Set Stage
buttonNatural Radio Station @ Palm Stage
buttonSaigenji @ Beach Stage
buttonSeiko Ito & Pomeranians @ Beach Stage
buttonSoil & "Pimp" Sessions @ BeachStage

mag files :Sunset Live


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