buttonThe Magic Numbers @ Zepp Osaka (12th Feb '06)

The Magic Numbers
The Magic Numbers The Magic Numbers
The Magic Numbers The Magic Numbers
The Magic Numbers
The Magic Numbers The Magic Numbers The Magic Numbers The Magic Numbers
The Magic Numbers
The Magic Numbers

photos by tommy
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Franz Ferdinand / The Magic Numbers

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The Magic Numbers


--> The Magic Numbers

the latest album

The Magic Numbers

"The Magic Numbers"
( US import / 国内盤 / UK import / The Magic Numbers)
previous works :

"ザ・マジック・ナンバーズ 来日記念スペシャル・エディション"
"Love's a Game"
(US import)
"Love Me Like You"
(US import / US import)

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buttonFranz Ferdinand : (12th Feb @ Zepp Osaka)
buttonThe Magic Numbers : (12th Feb @ Zepp Osaka)
buttonPlanet "Kyu" (6th Feb @ Kichijoji Planet K) : feat.
Yoko Utsumi &Yokoyoko Band, qyb, M.J.Q
buttonThe Pees : (28th Jan @ Kyoto Taku Taku )
buttonKaiser Chiefs, The Cribs : (27th Jan @ Osaka Big Cat)
buttonKobe Rock Street (21st Jan @ Kobe Back Beat) : feat.
Megamasahide, The Misstells
(@ Kobe Mersey Beat) : feat.
Hatch Hatchell & Beer All Stars, Katayama Breakers & The Rock'n Roll Party
(@ Kobe Star Club) : feat.
Invisibleman's deathbed, Guitar Wolf


buttonThee 50's high teens : (30th Dec @ Kyoto Muse Hall)
buttonUtsumi Yoko & YOKOLOCO BAND : (25th Dec @ Kyoto Taku Taku)
buttonWatusi Zombie, Oshiripenpenz and Afrirampo : (21st Dec @ Shinsaibashi Club Quattro)
buttonTheatre Brook : (16th Dec @ Osaka Big Cat)
buttonKing Brothers : (11th Dec @ Osaka Jyusou Fandango)
buttonTheatre Brook (27th Nov @ Kobe Chicken George)
buttonDoberman (11th Nov @ Osaka Big Cat)
buttonFeeder (7th Nov @ Shinsaibashi Quattro)
buttonNylon -Cover Song Sereies Vol.1- CDレコ発ライブ (6th Nov @ Kyoto Taku Taku) : feat. FeeBee's, Nylon
buttonRadio Caroline : (20th Oct @ Kyoto Taku Taku)
buttonHanada Hiroyuki : (15th Oct @ Osaka Rock Rider)
buttonKingbrothers : (11th Oct @ Osaka Jyusou Fandango)
buttonTheatre Brook : (25th Sep @ Osaka Big Cat)
buttonKemuri 10th Anniversary Event at Ebisu 3Days (18th Sep @ Ebis MILK) : feat. Cool Wise Men, King Django, KEMURI, session
buttonLIFE SIZE ROCK 05 : (11th Sep @ Osaka Namba Hatch) : feat.Katteni Shiyagare , KOOLOGI
buttonRosso (28th Aug in Rush Ball '05 @ Izumiotsu phoenix)
buttonBayside Jenny 15th Anniversary "K点越え<港攻め> (25th Aug @ Osaka Bayside Jenny) : feat. Invisibleman's Deathbed, Tetsu to Namari, Hige, Doberman, Radio Caroline
buttonKobe Rolling 2005 (9th Aug @ Kobe Chicken George) : feat. Umekichi, Black Bottom Umekichi Band
buttonGuitar Panda : (24th Jul @ Osaka Hard Rain)
buttonTheatre Brook : (2nd Jul @ Osaka Unagidani Sunsui)
buttonPealout (26th Jun @ Shinsaibashi Club Quattro)
buttonM.J.Q (27th May @ Osaka King Cobra)

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