button Neoceratodus "satsuki" feat. Ash Ra School
@ Hall Spiritual Lounge (11st May. '06)

Ash Ra School
Ash Ra SchoolAsh Ra School
Ash Ra School
Ash Ra School Ash Ra SchoolAsh Ra School
Ash Ra School
Ash Ra School
Ash Ra School Ash Ra SchoolAsh Ra School
Ash Ra School

photos by q_ta

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button 2006

buttonSion with Bun Matsuda (19th May. @ aibic)
buttonFatboy Slim (17th May. @ Zepp Sapporo)
buttonNeoceratodus "satsuki"feat.
Nisennenmondai, Ash Ra School, Kakuni (11st May. @ Hall Spiritual Lounge)
buttonEastern Youth (25th Apr. @ Sapporo Penny Lane 24)
buttonCandies (11th Feb. @ Klub ZAK, Gdansk)
buttonCandies (4th Feb. @ ICA, London)
buttonCandies (28th Jan. @ Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff)
buttonHatch Hatchell (14th Jan. @ Higashi Kouenji UFO Club)
buttonCandies (14th Jan. @ Yokohama Sotetsu Honda Theatre)

button 2005

buttonUchu Rock Dokudoku Night feat. Guitar Wolf (2nd Dec. @ Hall Spiritual Lounge)
buttonKemuri (27th Nov. @ Zepp Sapporo)
button Hawaiian6 (20th Nov. @ Zepp Sapporo)
button Kiyoshi Matsutakeya and Chocolate Dandies (6th Nov. @ Hall Spiritual Lounge)
buttonTheatre Brook (16th Sep. @ Sapporo Penny Lane 24)
buttonHawaiian6 (18th Aug. @ Sapporo Klub Counter Action)
buttonUchu Rock Dokudoku Night feat. hydroguru, Zuinosin (24th Jul. @ Hall Spiritual Lounge)
buttonInvisibleman's Deathbed (24th Jul. @ Sapporo Colony)
buttonInvisibleman's Deathbed (23th Jul. @ Susukino-810)
buttonPealout (18th Jun. @ Sapporo Bessie Hall)
buttonEastern Youth (12th Jun. @ Zepp Sapporo)
buttonFire Sterter (11th Jun. @ Tomakomai Ongakukan) feat.New Roteka, 10-Feet
buttonM.J.Q (10th Jun. @ Sapporo Klub Counter Action)
buttonAfrarimpo (1st Jun. @ Hall Spiritual Lounge)
buttonMaximum the Hormone (28th May @ Sapporo Bessie Hall)
buttonDexied The Emons (23th May @ Sapporo Bessie Hall)
buttonLong Shot Party (13th May @ Sapporo Bessie Hall)
buttonMilkteath (24th Apr. @ Sapporo Susukino-810)
buttonThe Surf Coasters@ (24th Apr. @ Sapporo Susukino-810)
buttonNon-Drags (24th Apr. @ Sapporo Susukino-810)
buttonSpata Locals (27th Mar. @ Sapporo Bessie Hall)
buttonSion (11th Mar. @ Liquidroom Ebisu)
buttonDan Hicks (20th Feb. @ Sapporo Bessie Hall)
buttonZoobombs (18th Feb. @ Hall Spiritual Lounge)
buttonPot Shot (5th Feb. @ Zepp Sapporo)
button Maximum the Hormone (5th Feb. @ Zepp Sapporo)
buttonKemuri (5th Feb. @ Zepp Sapporo)
buttonHusking Bee (5th Feb. @ Zepp Sapporo)
buttonEastern Youth (31th Jan. @ Sapporo Bessie Hall)
buttonInvisibleman's Deathbed (30th Jan. @ Sapporo Colony)
buttonInvisibleman's Deathbed (29th Jan. @ Sapporo Colony)
buttonGRiP (24th Jan. @ Sapporo Colony)
button10-Feet (11th Jan. @ Sapporo Bessie Hall)

button 2004

buttonMilkteath (5th Dec. @ Sapporo Susukino-810)
buttonBazra (4th Dec. @ Sapporo Bessie hall)
buttonMaboroshi no Migi (2nd Oct. @ Hall Spiritual Lounge)
buttonPealout (2nd Oct. @ Sapporo Bessie hall)
buttoneastern youth (1st Oct. @ Sapporo Penny Lane 24)
buttonmilkteath (26th Sept. @ Sapporo Susukino-810)
buttonbloodthirsty butchers (6th May @ Sapporo Bessie Hall)
buttonGhosty Blow (22nd Feb. @ Sapporo Colony)
buttonCocobat (21st Feb. @ King Xhmu)
buttonMolmotto (21st Feb. @ King Xhmu)
buttonThe Pillows (15th Feb. @ Penny Lane 24)
buttonGumx (15th Feb. @ Zepp Sapporo)
buttonGUN DOG (15th Feb. @ Zepp Sapporo)
buttonZazen Boys (14th Feb. @ Sapporo Bessie hall)
buttonBob Log III (3rd Feb. @ Sapporo Bessie hall)
buttonDixied The Emons (3rd Feb. @ Sapporo Bessie hall)

button 2003

buttonJude (7th Dec. @ Sapporo Factory hall)
buttonPlane (28th Nov. @ Sapporo Penny Lane)
buttonWakusei (28th Nov. @ Sapporo Penny Lane)
buttonPealout (17th Nov. @ Sapporo Bessie Hall)
buttoneastern youth (17th Nov. @ Sapporo Bessie Hall)
buttonGedo (17th Nov. @ Sapporo Bessie Hall)
buttonMetallica (9th Nov. @ Sapporo Makomanai Ice Arena)
buttoninterview with Zarigani 5 (13th Oct. @ Sapporo Ganban)
buttonZarigani 5 (13th Oct. @ Sapporo Bessie Hall)
buttonNnananine (13th Oct. @ Sapporo Bessie Hall)
buttonRevolver Ahostar (13th Oct. @ Sapporo Bessie Hall)
buttonPulltop Juice (13th Oct. @ Sapporo Bessie hall)
buttonPrince Albert (13th Oct. @ Sapporo Bessie hall)
buttonThe Suicide Machines (12th Oct. @ Sapporo Bessie Hall)
buttonGUMX (12th Oct @ Sapporo Bessie Hall)
button10-Feet (12th Oct. @ Sapporo Bessie hall)
buttonBazra (12th Oct. @ Sapporo Bessie hall)
buttonNorthern Bright (11th Oct. 03 Sapporo Bessie hall)
buttonTomohiro Kondo (Pealout) (6th Oct. @ Sapporo Tomato Batake)
buttoninterview with Pealout (5th Oct. @ Sapporo Ganban)
buttonPealout (4th Oct. @ Sapporo Sound Crew)
buttonThe Skatalites (3rd Oct. @ Sapporo XANADU)
buttonRocking Time (3rd Oct. @ Sapporo XANADU)
Teppei Inoue(Bazra) (29 Sept. @ Ganban)
buttonThee Michelle Gun Elephant (13th Sep. @ Zepp Sapporo)
buttonThe Used (4th Sep. @ Sapporo Bessie Hall)
buttonCornor (1st Sept. @ Sapporo Bessie Hall)
buttonThe Johnny Boys (23rd Aug. @ Sapporo Kraps Hall)
buttoninterview with Fumio Ito (Kemuri) (31st Jul. @ Sapporo Ganban)
buttonShonen Knife (6th Jul. @ Sapporo Bessie Hall)
buttonDixied The Emons (1st Jul. @ Sapporo Bessie Hall)

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