button Kenichi Asai @ Liquidroom Ebisu (27th June '07)

Sparkling Head Tour

Kenichi Asai
Kenichi Asai Kenichi AsaiKenichi Asai
Kenichi Asai
Kenichi Asai Kenichi Asai
Kenichi Asai
Kenichi AsaiKenichi Asai Kenichi AsaiKenichi Asai
Kenichi Asai
Kenichi Asai Kenichi Asai
Kenichi Asai

photos by sam
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buttonmag files : Kenichi Asai

buttonphoto report (07/06/27 @ Liquidroom Ebisu) : photos by sam
buttonphoto report (07/04/27 @ Asahikawa Casino Drive) : photos by q_ta
buttonphoto report (07/04/23 @ Shibuya Club Quattro) : photos by sam
buttonphoto report (07/04/20 @ Takasaki Club Fleez) : photos by sam
buttonphoto report (06/12/16 @ Kawasaki Club Citta) : photos by sam
buttonだからツアーは追う価値がある (06/11/05 @ Zepp Fukuoka) : report by wacchy, photos by sam
buttonphoto report (06/11/05 @ Zepp Fukuoka) : photos by sam
buttonphoto report (06/10/24 @ Osaka Namba Hatch) : photos by tommy
button空を見上げたくなった (06/10/15 @ Hibiya Yagai Ongakudo) : report by wacchy, photos by sam
buttonphoto report (06/10/15 @ Hibiya Yagai Ongakudo) : photos by sam
buttonphoto report (06/10/11 @ Sapporo Factory Hall) : photos by q_ta
buttonphoto report (Rising Sun Rock Festival 2006 in EZO 18th to 19th Aug '06) : photos by ikesan

buttonmag files : Jude

buttonphoto report (05/10/7 @ Shibuya AX) : photos by sama
buttonAll The Young Dudes (05/07/10 @ Yokohama Blitz) : report by shawn, photo by sama
buttonさらに加速度を増すJUDEのドライヴ (05/01/06 @ Ebisu Liquidroom) : report by wacchy, photo by sama
button高速で回転するベンジー (05/01/06 @ Ebisu Liquidroom) : report by nob, photo by sama
buttonphoto report (05/01/06 @ Ebisu Liquidroom) : photo by sama

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buttonThe Emeralds (19th June. @ Shinjuku Loft)
buttonManhole (17th June. @ Maebashi Rattan)
buttonLet's get lost vol.3
Kenichi Asai / Katteni Shiyagare (23rd April. @ Shibuya Club Quattro)
buttonKenichi Asai (20th April. @ Takasaki Club Fleez)
buttonFlogging Molly / Flatfoot 56(16th Mar. @ Shibuya AX)
buttonSouth by Southwest Music Festival + Conference feat.Great Northen / MxPx / Wolf & Cub / Asakusa Jinta / The Emaralds / Ozomatli / Peelander-Z / Samantha Stollenwerck / The Section Quartet / Los Abandoned / The Emeralds / The Hard Lessons / Buzzcocks / Metro Riots / The Watson Twins / Detroit Cobras / Gitogito Hustler / The Nightwatchman,(Tom Morello solo acoustic) / The Spunks / Over All View / (13th to 18th Mar. @ Austin, Texas)
buttonThe 50 kaitens (4th Mar. @ Takasaki Club Fleez)
buttonDohatsuten / Radio Caroline /The 50kaitenaz / (20th Feb. @ Shinjuku Loft)
buttonManhole (9th Feb. @ Shinjuku Red Cloth)
buttonYukueshirezu (3rd Feb. @ Shimokitazawa Mosaic)
button8otto (16th Jan. @ Shimokitazawa Shelter)
buttonYukueshirezu (12th Jan. @ Shinjuku Ruido K4)


buttonThe 50 kaitens (30th Dec. @ Makuhari Messe)
buttonKenichi Asai (16th Dec. @ Kawasaki Club Citta)
button8otto (21th Nov. @ Shinjuku Loft)
buttonManhole (11th Nov. @ Shinjuku Red Cloth)
buttonYukueshirezu (10th Nov. @ Shibuya Aube)
buttonKenichi Asai / 8otto (5th Nov. @ Zepp Fukuoka)
buttonTomohiro Kondo (3rd Nov. @ Mizunosato , Yanagawa)
buttonBleach (29th Oct. @ Shimokitazawa Club 251)
buttonKenichi Asai (15th Oct. @ Hibiya Yagai Ongakudo)
buttonThe Pogues (6th Oct. @ Shibuya AX)
buttonFlogging Molly (30th Sep. @ UC Irvine Bren Events Center,L.A)
buttonThe Like / Jenny Lewis (1st Aug. @ Shibuya Club Quattro)
buttonThe Beaches / Great Adventure (11th July. @ Shibuya Club Quattro)
buttonPaddy Rock's Tour 06 : The Cherry Cokes / Clovers (8th July. @ Takasaki Club Fleez)
buttonPop Save Us Vol.3 : Understatements / Hariss (17th June. @ ShimokitazawaBasementbar)
buttonThe Greenroom Festival : Anna Tsuchiya / Chris Pierce / Blue King Brown (28th May. @ Yokohama Osanbashi Hall)
buttonEpitaph showcase 2006 : Matchbook Romance / Motion City Soundtrack (12th May. @ Daikanyama Unit)
buttonTomohiro Kondo(10th
May.@ Shimokitazawa 440)
buttonDown Beat Ruler : Zoot16 / Ska Cubano (3rd May. @ Ebisu Garden Hall)
buttonBloodest Saxophone / Saboten (29th Apr. @ Shimokitazawa 440)
button The Zoot 16 (28th Apr. @ Shinjuku Loft)
buttonControl Freak!! (21st Apr. @ Kichijoji Planet K)
buttonSo-on-g / The 50 Kaitens / The Psycrons
(8th Apr. @ Shimokitazawa Club 251)
buttonSouth by Southwest Music Festival + Conference feat.Desol / Tsushimamire / The Cuban Cowboys / Gogol Bordello / The Mutaytor / The Hard Lessons with Over All View & editor's note(15th to 18th Mar. @ Austin, Texas)
buttonLink Wray Tribute feat.Swagmen / The Neatbeats / Guitar Wolf
(4th Mar. @ Shinjuku Loft)
buttonG-Freak Factory (26th Feb. @ Shibuya Eggman)
buttonNishino Kiyohisa with Afrirampo (24th Feb. @ Shinjuku Loft)
buttonThee 50's High Teens (14th Feb. @ Hatsudai Doors)
buttonG-Freak Factory (5th Feb. @ Shinjuku Marz)
buttonThe Emeralds & Tsushimamire (3rd Feb. @ Kichijoji Planet K)
buttonUnderstatements (2nd Feb. @ Shinjuku Loft)
buttonInvisibleman's deathbed (29th Jan. @ Akihabara Goodman)
buttonA Hundred Birds Orchestral unit (27th Jan. @ Liquidroom Ebisu)
buttonNylon & Yoru No Stranger (14th Jan. @ Higashi Koenji UFO Club)
buttonSherbets : (6th Jan. @ Shibuya AX)


buttonManhole : (21th Dec. @ Shinjuku Red Cloth)
buttonBloodest Saxophone : (17th Dec. @ Shimokitazawa 440)
buttonTokyo Jet Night vol.2 : Guitar Wolf / Detroit 7 (16th Dec. @ Daikanyama Unit)
buttonDetroit 7/The Paddingtons (14th Dec. @ Shibuya Club Quattro)
buttonSherbets (1st Dec. @ Liquidroom Ebisu)
buttonManhole (26th Nov. @ Shinjuku Red Cloth)
buttonBloodest Saxophone (5th Nov. @ Shibuya O-Crest)
buttonJude (7th Oct. @ Shibuya AX)
buttonAimee Mann (3rd Oct. @ Liquidroom Ebisu)
buttonDetroit 7 / Fiction Plane/Wolf&Cub (21th Sep. @ Daikanyama Unit)
buttonHolstein presents : Farewell to our memories : Holstein / Bandwagon/Fuck you heroes (11th Sep. @ Daikanyama Unit)
buttonSaboten / Bloodest Saxophone : (5th July. @ Shimokitazawa 440)
buttonBandwagon : (18th July. @ Shimokitazawa ERA)
buttonThe Emeralds : (14th July. @ Shinjuku Marz
buttonECD : (1st July. @ Shibuya O-nest)
buttonShinjuku Folk : (29th May. @ Akihabara Goodman)
buttonLosalios (28th May. @ Hibiya Yagai Ongakudo)
buttonGitogito Hustler (23rd May. @ Shimokitazawa Basementbar)
buttonMods Mayay : The Scooters Run / Les Hair / Ron Ron Clou / The Marquee / The Boss: (21st May. @ Kawasaki Club Citta)
buttonBnadwagon (7th May. @ Shimokitazawa Shelter)
buttonJERRY LEE PHANTOM (27th Apr. @ Shibuya Club Quattro )
buttonBack Drop Bomb (25th Apr. @ Liquidroom Ebisu)
buttonthe band apart (25th Apr. @ Liquidroom Ebisu)
buttonROCKIN' ICHIRO & BOOGIE WOOGIE SWING BOYS (10th Apr. @ Kawasaki Club Citta)
buttonCaSSETTE CON-LOS (10th Apr. @ Kawasaki Club Citta)
buttonModern Conya (10th Apr. @ Kawasaki Club Citta)
buttonGito Gito Hustler, The Spunks (27th Mar. @ CBGB NYC)
buttonSXSW 編集後記 (16th - 20th Mar @ Austin TX)
buttonThe Music (19th Mar. @ SXSW05,La Zona Rosa Austin TX)
buttonThe Emeralds (18th Mar. @ SXSW05,Caribbean Lights Austin TX)
buttonGuitar Wolf (18th Mar. @ SXSW05, Beer Land Austin TX)
buttonFlametrick Subs w/Stan's Cheerleaders (17th Mar. @ SXSW05,The Jackalope Austin TX)
buttonLos Abandoned (17th Mar. @ SXSW05,Eternal Austin TX)
buttonMXPX (17th Mar. @ SXSW05,Emo's Annex Austin TX)
buttonElectoriic Eel Shock (17th Mar. @ SXSW05,Bigsby's Austin TX)
button22-20s (17th Mar. @ SXSW05,Stubb's Austin TX)
buttonTemper Temper (16th Mar. @ SXSW05, Manbo Kings Austin TX)
buttonMag Special with SXSW05 (16th - 20th Mar @ Austin TX)
buttonthe blondie plastic wagon (9th Mar. @ Shimokitazawa CLUB Que)
buttonEXTREAM THE DOJO Vol.11 feat. ISIS / MASTODON / CONVERGE (5th Feb. @ Shibuya Club Quattro)
buttonLosalios (27th Jan. @ EbisuLiquidroom)
buttonWakusei (27th Jan. @ EbisuLiquidroom)
buttonJUDE (6th Jan. @ EbisuLiquidroom)

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