button The 50kaitenz @ Chiba Look (6th Dec. '07) The 50kaitenz
The 50kaitenzThe 50kaitenz The 50kaitenz
The 50kaitenz
The 50kaitenz The 50kaitenzThe 50kaitenz
The 50kaitenz
The 50kaitenzThe 50kaitenz The 50kaitenz
The 50kaitenz The 50kaitenz
photos by ryota
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buttonmag files : The 50kaitenz

buttonphoto report (07/12/06 @ Chiba Look) : photos by ryota
buttonphoto report (07/12/01 @ Kyoto Taku Taku) : photos by tommy
buttonphoto report (07/08/21 @ Liquid Room Ebisu) : photos by ryota
buttonphoto report (07/07/21 @ Zepp Tokyo) : photos by ryota
buttonphoto report (07/07/20 @ Shinjuku Tower Records) : photos by ryota
buttonphoto report (07/07/01 @ Shinsaibashi Club Quattro) : photos by ryota
buttonここまできた (07/06/29 @ Shinjuku Loft) : review by nob, photos by ryota
buttonphoto report (07/06/29 @ Shinjuku Loft) : photos by ryota
buttoncd review : 50回転ズのビリビリ!! (07/06/15) : review by nob
buttonロックンロールは根付いたか? (07/06/06 @ Sapporo Bessie Hall) : review by rica, photos by q_ta
buttonphoto report (07/06/06 @ Sapporo Bessie Hall) : photos by q_ta
button東京の底力を見せろ (07/05/12 @ Tower Records Shibuya) : review by nob
buttonさらに高速回転!? (07/05/04 @ Shizuoka Sunash) : review by nob
button北の大地にロックンロールは根付かない!? (07/04/18 @ Sapporo Bessie Hall) : review by rica, photos by q_ta
buttonphoto report (07/04/18 @ Sapporo Bessie Hall) : photos by q_ta
buttonphoto report (07/04/13 @ Osaka Shangrila) : photos by tommy

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The 50kaitenz


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the latest album

The 50kaitenz

"レッツゴー3匹! "

近日発売 予約可

Tour Schedule


12/13(thu) 新潟CLUBJUNKBOX mini
12/15(sat) 金沢VanVanV4
12/17(mon) 郡山CLUB#9
12/20(thu) 十三ファンダンゴ
12/21(fri) 十三ファンダンゴ
12/28(fri) 広島クラブクアトロ
12/29(sat) COUNTDOWN JAPAN07/08(大阪)
12/31(mon) COUNTDOWN JAPAN07/08(東京)
1/12(sat) CLUB CITTA' 川崎
1/15(tue) 長崎DRUM Be-7
1/16(wed) 大分TOPS
1/18(fri) 高知X-pt.
1/19(sat) 徳島JITTERBUG
2/10(sun) 福岡DRUM SON【ワンマン】
2/13(wed) 静岡SUNASH【ワンマン】
2/16(sat) 高知DIME【ワンマン】
2/17(sun) 岡山CRAZY MAMA2【ワンマン】
2/20(wed) 札幌BESSIE HALL【ワンマン】
2/23(sat) 盛岡CLUB CHANGE【ワンマン】
2/24(sun) 仙台MACANA【ワンマン】
2/26(tue) 恵比寿LIQUIDROOM【ワンマン】
2/27(wed) 名古屋アポロシアター【ワンマン】
2/29(fri) 大阪BIGCAT【ワンマン・FINAL】

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The 50kaitenz

"Live Shock Loft vol.2

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"50回転ズのビリビリ!!" (国内盤 / iTunes)
"MONEY!MONEY!" (国内盤 / iTunes)
"50回転ズのギャー!!" (国内盤 / iTunes)
"50 Kaiten's No Gya!!" (iTunes)
"1・2・3・4!!" (国内盤)
"昭和元禄NOW!第1集" (国内盤)

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buttonThe 50 Kaitenz (6th Dec. @ Chiba Look)
buttonPeelander-Z (4th Dec. @ Shinjuku Marz)
buttonThe 50 Kaitenz (1st Jul. @ Shinsaibashi Quattro)
buttonThe 50 Kaitenz (29th Jun. @ Shinjuku Loft)
buttonGlastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts feat.Bjork / The Fratellis / Kasabian / Super Furry Animals / Klaxons / Paul Weller / The Horrors / Mika / The View / Baby Shambles / The Who with Overall Review(22nd to 24th Jun. @ Pilton, Somerset )
buttonPeelander-Z (17th Mar. @ Trophy's Bar, Austin, TX)
buttonPeelander-Z (15th Mar. @ Molotov Lounge, Austin, TX)
buttonThe Stooges (17th Mar. @ Stubb's Austin, TX)
buttonThe Good, The Bad & The Queen (16th Mar. @ Stubb's Austin, TX)
buttonThe 50 kaitenz : SXSW / Japan Nite U.S. Tour 2007 feat. Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Texas, Fuck by Fuck You, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle (10th-20th Mar. @ USA)


buttonPeelander-Z (28th Apr. @ Satto)
buttonSpanam (22nd Apr. @ Shinjuku ACB)
buttonSouth by Southwest Music Festival + Conference feat. Snow Patrol / Sam Moore / The Refugee All Stars / The Pretenders / Peelander-Z / OK GO / Nickel Creek / Lyle Lovett / Kris Kristofferson / The Kooks / Harry Shearer / Hot 8 / The Feeling / The Ends / The Emeralds / Ellegarden / Auktyon / Arctic Monkeys / Allen Toussaint / Afrirampo / with Over All View & editor's note (15th to 19th Mar. @ Austin, Texas )
buttonThe 50 kaitenz (13th Feb. @ Shimokitazawa Club 251)
buttonRoyksopp / Annie (1st Feb. @ Shibuya AX)


buttonQuruli (21st Dec. @ Kanagawa Kenmin Hall)
buttonOasis (18th Nov. @ Yoyogi Daiichi Taiikukan)
buttonFeeder (8th Nov. @ Shibuya AX)
buttonBleach (26th Oct. @ Shibuya AX)
buttonMount System 2005 (23rd Oct. @ Tokyo Odaiba Open Court)
buttonLittle Creatures (16th Oct. @ Parco Theatre)
buttonThe Emeralds (5th Oct. @ Shinjyuku Motion)
buttonThe Black Jetts (22nd Jul. @ La.Mama)
buttonBlack Bottm Brass Band with Yukaina Nakamatachi「The 15th Kitazawa Music Festival / Clean up Paradeド」 (10th Jul. @ Shimokitazawa)
buttonGito Gito Hustler, The Spunks (27th Mar. @ CBGB NYC)
buttonSXSW 編集後記 (16th - 20th Mar @ Austin TX)
buttonBleach03 (18th Mar. @ SXSW05, Whisky Bar Austin TX)
buttonPeelander-Z (18th Mar. @ SXSW05, Elysium Austin TX)
buttonGito Gito Hustler (19th Mar. @ SXSW05, Elysium Austin TX)
buttonGore Gore Girls (19th Mar. @ SXSW05, Continental Club Austin TX)
buttonPunish the Atom (18th Mar. @ SXSW05, The Jackalope Austin TX)
buttonThe Music (19th Mar. @ SXSW05, La Zona Rosa Austin TX)
buttonDMBQ (18th Mar. @ SXSW05, Club de Ville Austin TX)
buttonRobert Plant (17th Mar. @ SXSW05, Austin Music Hall Austin TX)
buttonKasabian (18th Mar. @ SXSW05, Stubb's Austin TX)
buttonBloc Party (18th Mar. @ SXSW05, Stubb's Austin TX)
buttonBilly Idol (16th Mar. @ SXSW05, Stubb's Austin TX)
buttonMag Special with SXSW05 (16th - 20th Mar @ Austin TX)


buttonSEX SLAVES (22nd Oct. @ The Doors, Hatsudai)
buttonAsagiri Jam : It's a beautiful day photo report.over all photo documentary (2nd - 3rd Oct. @ Asagiri Arena)
buttonFATBOY SLIM (22nd Sep. @ ageHa studio coast)
button4月11日、ハチ公前の祈り (11th Apr. @ 渋谷ハチ公前) : report by joe, photo by ryota
buttonBleach on 『Japan Girls SAMURAI US tour』 (20th Mar @ ELYSIUM, SXSW04)
buttonBleach (20th Mar @ GALLERY LOMBARDI, Fuck By Fuck You)
buttonSXSW04 photo report. The Sleepy Jackson / The B-52's / Athlete / Southern Culture On The Skids / ROMZ record CREW / The Emeralds / Response / Fuzzy Control / ZANZO / KISHIDAN / Tsushimamire / Kokeshi Dolls / Noodles / Petty Booka / Bleach / GITO GITO HUSTLER (17th-20th Mar. @ Austin, TEXAS)
buttonRYOTA Photo Diary in NY (Vol.1 ~ Vol.15)
(7th Mar @ CBGB, NewYork)
buttonSNOW PATROL (17th Feb @ The Mercury Lounge, NewYork)
buttonOK Go (6th Feb @ The Mercury Lounge, NewYork)
buttonStellar Tuesday (2nd Feb @ The Mercury Lounge, NewYork)
buttonPeelander-Z (23rd Jan @ SIBERIA, NewYork)


buttonYO LA TENGO (3rd Dec @ Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO)
buttonELECTRIC SIX (15th Nov @ Shinjuku Liquid Room)
buttonMETALLICA (6th Nov @ Yoyogi Daiichi Taiikukan)
buttonCRAIG DAVID (22nd Oct @ ZEPP TOKYO)
buttonThe Cooper Temple Clause (16th Oct @ Shinjuku Liquid Room)
buttonGUMX with dustbox & COCOBAT (14th Oct @ Shinjuku Loft)
buttonTELEVISION (25th Sept @ Shibuya AX)
buttonShonen Knife with Keihan Girls & bloodthirsty butchers (12th Jul @ Makuhari Messe)
buttonTheatre Brook (22nd Jun. @ Shinjuku Liquid Room)
buttonThee Michell Gun Elephant with Katteni Shiyagare (14th Jun @ ZEPP TOKYO)
buttoneastern youth (5th Jun. @ Akasaka Blitz)
buttonKEMURI (31st May. @ Shinjuku ACB)

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